David Rom- Real Estate Appraiser in israel (BA in Economics) specializes in issuing opinions on various real estate -related issues, providing professional, efficient, and reliable services to his clients.

The office issues expert opinions on different real estate related matters, mostly:

  1. Property valuation, representation of investors and review of financial feasibility prior to the purchase/ sale of real estate in Israel.
  2. Review of the legal status of buildings, building rights, building deviations and other uncertainties in real estate deals.
  3. Issuing opinions regarding property value upon dissolution of a partnership (division between heirs/divorcees/ partners).
  4. Calculation of the estimated projected tax prior to the real estate transaction.
  5. Representation and reduction in land taxation before the relevant authorities in Israel.
  6. Issuing a pre-claim opinion regarding real estate-related matters, such as:
  • Compensation due to damage and impairment of real estate property.
  • Objections to deposited plans.
  • Representation in entrepreneurial projects and TAMA 38.
  1. Issuing an opinion for expropriation compensations.
  2. Issuing opinions to the courts concerning various land-related matters.

The office offers uncompromising advice and service while providing personal attention and ensuring client involvement in all relevant procedures.
The office also provides  additional services including:

  • Mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Property management.
  • Identification of optimal property for the transaction.

real estate appraiser in israel -tel aviv and all of the country.

Our clients

The national roads company, Insurance agencies, Banks, NTA (the new light rail), leading law firms, Entrepreneurs and private clients.

David Rom

  • Real Estate Appraisal studies, University of Ariel.
  • BA in Economics and Business Administration, University of Ariel (with honors).
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies, Sha’arei Mishpat College.
  • Position in the Ministry of Justice – Land Appraisal Department.