Areas of Practice and Expertise

The office specializes in issuing opinions on various real estate issues, such as:

  1. Property valuation, representation of investors and review of financial feasibility prior to the purchase/ sale of real estate in Israel.
  2. Representation before the Tax Authority and facilitating with real estate tax reduction during the sale of assets.
  3. Serving as expert witness in courts on real estate issues.
  4. Providing representation to obtain compensation for damage or decrease in value to real estate property.
  5. Preparation of valuation for the dissolution of a partnership (divorce/heirs/partners).
  6. Review of legal status and building deviations prior to the purchase of real estate in Israel.
  7. Representing the property owner and assessing bargaining power during negotiations in TAMA 38 projects (reinforcement and building addition in existing buildings).
  8. Issuing an opinion on compensation due to land expropriation.   
  9. Accompanying and consulting in the establishment of medical cannabis growing farms, in front of the tax and real estate authorities.
    We are engaged in locating investors and entrepreneurs to establish medical cannabis breeding farms in Israel.

The office offers comprehensive service to property owners or interested property buyers until completion of the  property sale and registration with the authorities. From the initial stages of the deal – from finding a buyer/seller for a desired property and legal oversight to the final stage of the transaction, and registration of the property with the different authorities. 

The office provides complete oversight and services to investors who wish to invest in Israel’s booming real estate sector, as well as to foreign residents interested in making “Aliyah” [immigrating to Israel], while representing and protecting the client’s interest.

Services include identification of the optimal asset for the client, review of the asset’s legal status, calculation of the projected tax for the transaction and provision of legal representation until the property is registered to the client. 

The office also specializes in the valuation of  various properties including:
Stores, shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses and other commercial properties, 
offices, public buildings, private buildings, rental properties, agricultural land and more. 

David Rom’s previous employment with the Ministry of Justice has provided him with the necessary expertise to lower land taxes for clients.

One of the office’s current major projects involves valuation of the land expropriated by the Tel Aviv District Light Rail – 39 kilometers of real estate that contains various properties, in addition to other projects with entities that receive services from the office.   

We would be happy to assist and provide friendly and efficient service.